Dorota Kishlovsky
Dorota Kishlovsky


Dorota Kishlovsky






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Dorota Kishlovsky is Blair Waldorf 's lovable and often put upon maid. Since Eleanor Waldorf- Rose is often an absent and cold mother, Dorota is considered to be a mother figure to Blair. Although she is the Waldorf's maid, she is often instrumental in giving advice and guidance to Blair.

Dorota is the one person that Blair can trust with her schemes and secrets, and in turn, Dorota completely loyal to Blair. For example, when Blair's father doesn't come back for Thanksgiving in season 1, it is Dorota who tells Blair that her mother kept him away. Dorota is often humorously in the middle of Chuck Bass and Blair's feuds.

Dorota and Vanya also have a romance and in season 3 they get married at the Waldorf's. They have a baby at the end of season 3. However Dorota told Blair to go off and find Chuck rather than stay with her and Anna her daughter.

In season 4 Dorota isn't as present, Blair is living with Serena and she is living with Vanya and Anna. However Dorota remains the first person Blair turns to for advice and comfort.

In the mini webisodes we find out that Dorota is married to a Polish man and is a Countess in her native Poland. She chooses Vanya over him and asks for a divorce so she can marry him. She claims that she had always loved Vanya but couldn't become close to him because her parents wouldn't grant her a divorce, however she doesn't go back to Poland with her husband and signs the divorce papers.

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