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Catherine Beaton


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Madchen Amick

Catherine Beaton (Lady Catherine Beaton) was a recurring guest star in season 2 of the CW television series Gossip Girl. She was played by Madchen Amick.

Catherine is first introduced in season 2 as the mysterious married woman that Nate Archibald is having an affair with. Later, is it revealed that she is a Duchess and the young stepmother of Marcus Beaton, Blair Waldorf's new boyfriend.

Blair accidentally but correctly characterises her as an aging beauty, having her last hurrah before surgery. The Duchess is having an affair with not only Nate but with her own stepson. She refuses to let Nate be with Vanessa Abrams and threatens to reveal the whereabouts of Nate's father unless Vanessa backs off. Later, Vanessa discovers her sleeping with Marcus.

Blair is able to blackmail her into giving Nate money and banishing her back to England with the promise that she would not tell Marcus's father, the Duke. Unfortunately, Vanessa doesn't trust Blair and goes to the Duke herself; although Lady Catherine and Marcus are both sent back to England, Nate's family is still in trouble due to Vanessa.